Call Centre for Nicosia Green Points

The Nicosia Green Points now have a Call Centre for the residents of the District. The purpose of this call centre is to provide citizens with a means to communicate directly with the management of the Green Points. The ultimate goal is to improve the services offered.

As of February 2023, the citizens of the Nicosia District can contact the management of the Nicosia Green Points on 77 11 12 16, Monday to Friday (from 8:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.). Through this Call Centre, they can:

• Be informed about the Green Points’ opening hours.

• Learn about the waste streams that are accepted by the Green Points.

• Make complaints and suggestions directly to management.

• Talk directly with a specific Green Point.

The Council for the Exploitation of the Places of Disposal or Utilization of Household Waste in the Nicosia District, which is responsible for the District’s waste management, decided to introduce this Call Centre in their continuous effort to upgrade the quality of services offered to citizens.Find out more about the Nicosia Green Points . here.

February 13, 2023

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