Presentation of the Nicosia District Green Spots

The Council for the Exploitation of Household Waste Disposal or Recovery Sites presented today, Monday 24 June, at the Municipal Hall of Strovolos Municipality, the Green Points of Nicosia District.

The presentation was made by the President of the Council, the Mayor of Strovolos Mr. Andreas Papacharalambous, the Mayor of Lakatamia Dr. Fotoula Hatzipapa, the Vice President and Mayor of Agrokipia Mr. Sotiris Kyriakou and Mr. Giannakis Georgiou, Mayor of Far Village of Nissou.

The Mayor of Strovolos, Mr Andreas Papacharalambous, introducing the Press Conference, said that eight green points and one mobile green point have been operating in Nicosia District since mid-March, in an effort to reduce and eliminate the problem of household waste. He went on to say that the Nicosia District Council for the Management of Household Waste Disposal or Recovery Sites is in constant consultation with the government and the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment in order to increase the number of green spots to serve the needs of all residents of Nicosia District. The Council is also planning to set up a waste collection scheme from next September where citizens will be served by a farm vehicle to collect some household waste for a fee. At the end of his speech, Mr. Papacharalambous extended an open invitation to the opening of the Green Point, Strovolos which will take place on Friday, June 28 at 09:00.

The Mayor of Lakatamia, Dr. Fotoula Hatzipapa, welcomed the opening of the green points. The green spots, as Dr. Hatzipa said, belong to all citizens and they can use them without any financial compensation, with the aim of keeping Nicosia District clean.

The Vice President of the Council and Mayor of Agrokipia, Mr.Sotiris Kyriakou, said that in all communities and municipalities the Green Spots operate for the citizen and the Council's aim is to provide proper information for the proper operation of the Green Spots. He noted the need for more Green Points in Nicosia District.

The press conference concluded with questions from journalists, who highlighted the problem of household waste outside the Green Spots. The President of the Council, Strovolos Mayor Mr. Andreas Papacharalambous, said that they are in discussions with the contractor company to adjust the already extended working hours.

What are Green Points

Green Spots are organised places where people can leave special household waste from televisions and other electrical or electronic equipment, to mattresses, furniture, prunings or other bulky items free of charge. Green Points are a destination for citizens' household waste only and in no case for waste from commercial activities, agricultural activities, contractors, industries or other professional bodies.

This reduces the illegal and uncontrolled dumping of such waste into nature, a problem that has been growing in recent years, not only for the Municipalities, but also for all Cypriot citizens and the environment. The operation of green points has the effect of reducing uncontrolled and illegal waste disposal, protecting the natural environment and public health, implementing integrated waste management and saving natural resources for future generations.

Where they are located and the opening hours

The eight green spots are located in the areas of Ergaton, Kokkinotrimithias, Peristeronas, Astromeritis, Linou, Alambra, Strovolos and in the area of Malounda.

The opening hours for the summer period (April to September) are Monday - Saturday 09:00 - 20:00, Sunday 09:00 - 14:00 and the winter period (October - March) Monday - Saturday 09:00 - 18:00, Sunday 09:00 - 14:00.

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