Mayor of Strovolos: "People embraced the green spots... 5 thousand tons of waste in one year"


Strovolos Mayor satisfied with the public's response to the institution of green points - 5 thousand tons of waste have been collected in one year - Considerations for the creation of two new points in the capital - Read the interview of Strovolos Mayor Andreas Papacharalambous with the Cyprus Times

For more than a year now, green points have been operating in the city and province of Nicosia, in an effort to protect the environment and human health.

In an interview with Cyprus Times Strovolos Mayor Andreas Papacharalambous expressed his satisfaction for the response of the people, stressing that citizens have largely embraced the effort made by various municipalities with the creation of green points.

5 thousand tonnes of waste in just one year...

As Papacharalambous said, "the world has embraced the operation of the green points since, according to the results of the annual report, during the first year of operation, 5 thousand tons have been collected from the 8 points."

According to the Mayor of Strovolos, people are increasingly responsive but there is always room for improvement.

Όπως εξηγεί «θα πρέπει να γίνει πύκνωση των σημείων για να μπορεί να εξυπηρετηθεί όλος ο κόσμος και είναι κάτι το οποίο συζητάμε και με το αρμόδιο υπουργείο περιβάλλοντος που είναι υπεύθυνο και για την λειτουργία των πράσινων σημείων».

As mentioned by the Mayor of Strovolos, there are advanced plans to create new green spots, both in Aglatzia and Lakatamia.

At least for urban Nicosia, four to five more points are needed so that the public can be served, Papacharalambous noted.

Apart from the Strovolos Green Point, the other seven operating points are:

  • Area "Ergaton"
  • Kokkinotrimithia
  • Peristeronas
  • Astromeritis
  • Linou
  • Alambras
  • Malountas

Unconscientiousness is a serious problem... Violators will be punished

Papacharalambous described the problem as very serious, stressing that some unscrupulous people create serious problems by throwing waste in various places, but they are fined by the municipality.

As Papacharalambous stressed, "people must realize that it is worth a little "inconvenience" to transport their household waste completely free of charge and not to deposit it in adjacent plots".

New service with special paper bags...

From 1st July, special paper bags with a capacity of 110 litres will be available for sale from the Municipality of Strovolos, which citizens will be able to purchase from the Municipality's offices for 1 euro, for the placement of only non-bulky green waste.

Residents should notify the City when they will have such bags for removal and they will subsequently be collected by the City and taken to the green spot at no additional charge.

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